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Boaz Gabbai, born in Israel, is a graphic artist who moved to New York in 1980 running his own design studio, working with major companies and affluent organizations on both coasts. In 1998 he moved his studio to California.

Prior to his moving to the States, Boaz spent four years in an arts school in Tel Aviv, Israel, studying all aspects of design. It wasn’t long before he became an art director in one of the leading ad agencies in Tel Aviv, designing many successful ad campaigns for major corporations.

In the last few years he started creating digital artworks and original painting mostly abstract. Boaz’s digital creation span from pop art to nature and creating large format artworks printed on canvas.


As an avid photographer with his passion for the outdoor, Boaz visualizes and captures images from scenic landscapes to intimate portraits of nature.


His work was on display at Irit Hadani 

Gallery and in Universal Art Gallery in Tel Aviv.

Boaz Gabbai

Westlake Village, CA


exhibit in art gallery in tel aviv
boaz gabbai
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